Kayaking is a popular sport in the pacific region and an exciting sea venture as well. A kayak is somewhat like a canoe but is quite different as the paddlers of the kayak are seated on the bottom of the boat with their legs stretched out in front of them but paddlers of the canoe have a seat or a kneel.

Sea kayaking is a delight while cruising through the beautiful coastlines and exploring the warmth and the freshness of the ocean blues. With more than 300 islands and crystal clear waters, the Fijian islands are known to be one of the best kayaking destinations in the world.  In Fiji, the best Kayaking spot would be the Kadavu Island coastlines. Kadavu coastlines are protected by one the world’s biggest barrier reef which makes a perfect calm environment for sea kayaking.


In all, if you are looking for a sea cruise then Kayaking is a must on your to do list. Cruising through the calm waters, feeling the breeze of the fresh air in the tropics is going to be a definite bliss.

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