Snorkeling is one of the most beautiful experiences of nature one could have. Imagine swimming through the body of the sea in a colorful world of sea creatures. Breathtaking! Isn’t It? Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling has no age limits… anyone who is comfortable in water can snorkel. However, one must have good information of the environment they will snorkel in.


Here in Fiji, our waters are crystal clear & shallow which makes snorkeling a soothing tourism activity on our shores. The tropical weather will get you in the mood to give a visit to the colorful sea creatures and explore their world.

The Rainbow Reef and The Great Astrolabe Reef are two of the best snorkeling sights in Fiji. These reefs have a great deal of fish and sea life which is an attraction to the human eyes.

The Rainbow Reef is located in the Somosomo Strait (Good Water in Fijian) on the Coast of Taveuni Island. With regular tidal flow the Somosomo Strait has the perfect nutrients and minerals for soft coral growth and diverse underwater ecosystem. A dip in the Somosomo Strait is sure to land you in a new colorful world of the underwater paradise.


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